Best soil for growing watermelon plant

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Best soil for growing watermelon plant

This topic best soil for growing watermelon plant contains other valuable subheadings that will help you to prepare your soil before farming for better yield.

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Watermelon can grow virtually in any type of soil that is not waterlogged and much of clay.
On the other hand, the ideal/required soil for growing watermelon is a light, Sandy, fertile loam soil that drains easily.
It is pertinent for you to understand that the above named type of soil would not occur naturally in some cases. But can be achieved by the application of little art. This can be done easily by adding generous amount of manure, compost and leaves or straws to the soil prior to planting.
In the end, you will find out that the soil would drain easily. So for this reason, you would need to water the watermelon farm regularly as it needs moist soil to thrive.

PH requirement of soil for growing watermelon plant

Watermelon like other members of the melon family, prefer to grow in a slightly acidic soil. Specifically, they thrive when the soil PH level is between 6.0 and 6.8.

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How to determine Sandy soil for growing watermelon plant

This is a simple soil test to determine the texture of the soil. There are two types of soil that occurs naturally. They are: Sandy soil and Clay soil.
With Sandy soil being the best soil for growing watermelon, it is not advisable to grow your watermelon directly into sand without amending the soil with manure/compost and other natural occurring matters that boasts soil fertility. You can determine if a soil is Sandy by rubbing a pack of it on your hand. If it does not stick on your hand, then it is Sandy soil. But if it sticks on your hand, then it means that the soil is much of Clay and not good for Watermelon business project.
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