The Best Watermelon Treatment Chemicals For Your Watermelon, Cucumber Farming

watermelon treatment chemicals

The Best Watermelon Treatment Chemicals For Your Watermelon And Cucumber Farming

Application of watermelon treatment chemicals is one of the activities performed by smart watermelon and cucumber commercial farmers that make them different from noncommercial farmers.

watermelon treatment chemicals
watermelon treatment chemicals

This is the act of combining treatment chemicals such as foliar fertilizer (liquid fertilizer), pesticides and insecticides, and fungicides with water and spraying or applying it as recommended on the plants. This is to ensure maximum productivity. 

Ordinarily, farmers just plant their crops and sometimes manage to remove weeds and wait to reap, but definitely reap poor.

But as a commercial farmer, there are some must do’s which applying treatment chemicals is one of it.

Foliar Fertilizer (liquid fertilizer)

This watermelon treatment chemicals in the layman’s language is called liquid fertilizer as it is mostly watery and like the other fertilizer, its function is to boost growth and give the plant evergreen color making it look fresh always. It is called foliar fertilizer because it is applied on the leaf part of the plant.

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Watermelon treatment chemicals; Recommended types and application

Some of the common examples of foliar fertilizer are Boost Extra, Plantzyme, Ultra soil, Maxi-Force etc.

The best and recommended type for your watermelon and cucumber farm is Boost Extra and Plantzyme as they have given me good result so far.

Application and Measurement of Boost Extra

The first one you should apply to your watermelon and cucumber arm is Boost Extra. It is greenish in color.

Since the whole life cycle of your watermelon plant which lasts longer than cucumber is 75-85 days.

It is expected that you start applying 1cover of Boost Extra (30ml) mixed with water and other treatment chemicals as from the 10th to the 14th from planting till the 30th to 40th day being the first half life cycle of the watermelon plant.

The price of boost extra ranges from N1200 to N1600.

Also, Maxi Force can be used in place of boost extra in case you find it in your location.

Application and Measurement of Plantzyme

At the 30th to 40th day after planting, flowers must have started developing and coming out. It is at this time that you start applying the Plantzyme.

This one is in watery form and dark in color.

It should be applied the remaining days till maturity to your watermelon and cucumber plants till harvest. This should be the 40th to the 80th day if related to the life cycle of the watermelon plant.

Plantzyme liquid fertilizer

1cover of Plantzyme (20cl) should be mixed with water in a knapsack sprayer with other treatment chemicals and sprayed on the plant.

Plantzyme can be replaced with Super Growth and it is sold for N1200 – N1500.

NOTE: foliar fertilizer should be applied to the farm at the interval of 2-3days gap. You can stop when you feel that your farm do not need it again and continue applying when the need arise. Try and be very observant.

Insecticides/Pesticides watermelon treatment chemicals

These are treatment chemicals for the watermelon and cucumber leaf and fruit part against insects and pests.

Leaf part insecticides/pesticides and application

These are the ones we use for the leaf parts alone against insect and pests.

Examples are; Best, Best Action, Imi Force etc.

Best or Best Action is the one we use and it has proven to be very effective. It kills off insects and pests effectively. It is in liquid form, just like water. Imi-force can also be used in place of Best and best action.

“Best” insecticide/pesticide

Now, depending on the nature of damage being caused on your farm, you should mix at least one or two cover of Best/Best Action, being 20ml to 40ml per a 16litres knapsack sprayer together with other treatment chemicals and apply on the leaf part of the watermelon and cucumber plant.

These insecticides/pesticides mentioned above are sold for N1700 to N2000.

NOTE: when there are less insects and pests in your farm, you should reduce the spray of insecticides/pesticides and then finally stop during pollination to avoid chasing pollinators away or even killing some of them. This is because higher productivity in your farm is dependent on some of these insects that are pollination agents.

Seed Part Insecticide/Pesticide and application

The same way we have insects and pests attacking the leaf part of the plants, there are also some that attack the watermelon and cucumber heads too. In other to correct/kill these insects/pests you should apply:

Laraforce Gold: this is applied to kill some of the insects that attack the watermelon and cucumber heads. These include some ground insects like aphids, hoppers, white flies, and thrips.

These kinds of insects can be seen inside garden egg seeds when we are eating some spoilt ones.  These insects are bad on watermelon especially. It is sold for N2500 to N3000.

Application: one cover of Laraforce Gold being 20ml should be mixed in a 16litres knapsack sprayer and sprayed on the watermelon and cucumber heads. Don’t mix with other treatment chemicals.

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Fungicides watermelon treatment chemicals

This is used to prevent fungi attack on your plant. Examples are; z-force and fungus force.

Z-force and Fungus force: these are good examples of fungicide that you should use on your plant.

Application: half milk cup of fungicide should be mixed in a 16ltres knapsack sprayer with other treatment chemicals and sprayed on the leaf part of the plant.

Fungicide for watermelon and cucumber costs between N1400 to N1800 depending on your area.

NOTE: fungi effect on the watermelon and cucumber plant results in the folding of the plants leaf and causes stunted growth. Therefore, you should apply regularly, maybe twice or thrice every week.



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